Cloudways Vs WPX Hosting: Which Is The Best WP Hosting Provider?

By | October 11, 2019

Today in this article we are going to compare two best web hosting in the industry. Cloudways and WPX hosting. these two companies are the best in the industry. Then the questionaries that which one is better? We will find out today and also will see how to get Cloudways promo code for discount offers.

cloudways vs wpx hosting

If you are a new blogger and searching for a powerful yet affordable web hosting but unable to decide.  It is a very common problem in blogging. People at the start don’t have much idea of how web hosting is important for WordPress blogs. so they go with any random cheap hosting and then regret it later. So to avoid that we are going to tell you about the two most popular web hosting.


Cloudways is a powerful managed cloud hosting. Cloudways provides cloud services from the top 5 cloud companies. Like AWS(Amazon Web Service), Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Linode and Vultr.

Cloudways acts as an intermediate and provides managed service to customers. so they don’t have to spend their time monitoring the server performance. They can focus on more important parts for the blog like content and SEO.

Cloudways has many great services to offer in the package. These services help new bloggers to start perfectly. So they don’t get stuck anywhere.

Cloudways Features

Cloudways CDN

For reducing the traffic stress on the main server. Cloudways uses the CDN system to effectively manage the traffic on the server. In CDN multiple servers are located in a different location. So when any user request for data then the nearest server provide the data.

The data transfer distance reduces and speed increases. This also helps in boosting user experience and the performance of the blog.

24/7 Support

Cloudways provides great customer support services all over the world. The support services are available via email, phone call, and live chat. The live chat is available on the official website of Cloudways.

Quick Wordpress Support

Cloudways provides great support for all CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Woo-commerce and many more. It becomes very easy for beginners to start managing their blog. WordPress is the most popular system for managing posts. So Cloudways offers 1-click WordPress install. This reduces the time to search and install it manually.

Auto-Healing Server

Whenever any kind of issue occurs in the server. Then the system will automatically start repairing itself. So the user doesn’t have to leave their important work and stress out. The auto-healing server saves a lot of time from the blogger and provides every detail to the user.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is used to verify the connection between server and blog. so It can get sure the data is safe on the blog. this helps to gain user’s trust on the blog. so they can freely enter their details.

The second benefit of the SSL certificate is that it gives a little SEO boost. So the blog will have a higher chance of getting ranked in the search results.

SSD Drives

Cloudways uses SSD drives which are 10x faster than HHD drives. When the blog will run on the SSD drives then the processing speed will increase. So all the tasks on the server will be done faster. This will make the blog 10x faster than ordinary blogs.

WPX Hosting

WPX hosting is the #1 web hosting and recommended by many top professionals. WPX hosting is very renowned for its super-fast services and features. WPX hosting is designed for bloggers who have multiple blogs. so they can host them all together in one place.

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WPX hosting is the best web hosting that comes with all the required services and components. Features like daily backups, free site migration, CDN and many more awesome features.

WPX Hosting Features

Free Site Migration

You don’t have to pay any fee when you want to move to WPX hosting. WPX hosting offers free site migration of multiple websites. There is no processing charge to move your blog to WPX servers. All the process will be done by their migration team. So you don’t have to take the stress. You can start working with WPX hosting as soon as they finish the process.

Free SSL Certificate

WPX hosting provides a free SSL certificate for all your websites. So you can imagine how much money you will save on the SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is very beneficial for getting a higher rank in the search results. Google has announced that blogs with an SSL certificate will get a little SEO boost.


For tackling large traffic WPX hosting uses a CDN system. It is a very simple yet powerful system that handles large traffic very easily. With the use of a CDN system the data transferring speed increasing. So the user can get any data from any part of the world within seconds.

Daily Auto-Backups

WPX hosting offers 28 days backup feature. it will do a daily backup of all the files of the blog and store it in different places. so whenever required can be easily restored from the backups. It is a great technique to keep the files safe and secure from any problems.

30 Days Money Back Offer

WPX hosting guarantees that if any user will not feel satisfied with the services. Then they will get all their money back. So if the user will not like to use it further then they can cancel the service and get the money refunded.

The offer is valid only for 30 days after purchase. So to get a refund to cancel the service within 30 days of purchase. Otherwise, no money will be refunded.

 Cloudways Vs WPX Hosting

Cloudways and WPX hosting are the two top web hosting no doubt. But they are a bit different for different customers. like Cloudways is best for a blogger who wants to host a single blog. while WPX hosting doesn’t allow single hosting. they offer multiple domains hosting in every plan. So it is best recommended to use only for multiple websites. Otherwise, it will become very expensive.

So for a single website go with Cloudways and for multiple go for WPX hosting.

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